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Academic Appointment

Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Tennessee at Martin


Ph.D. Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, PA


Kim, Mason. Forthcoming. Comparative Welfare Capitalism in East Asia: Productivist Models of Social Policy. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

Kim, Mason. 2013. “What Drives the Institutional Divergence of Productivist Welfare Capitalism in East Asia?” Journal of Asian Politics and History, No.3: 27-58.

Kim, Mason. 2012. “Economic Globalization, Democracy, and Social Protection: Institutional Divergence of Welfare Capitalism in East Asia.” In New Dynamics in East Asian Politics: Security, Political Economy, and Society, ed. Zhiqun Zhu. New York: Continuum International Publishing. Pp.125-147.

Kim, Mason. 2010. “Corporatism vs. Marketization: An Empirical Test of the Control Effect of Corporatist Labor Unions in China.” In Social Class in Transitional China (In Chinese), eds. Yang Su, Shizheng Feng, and Chunping Han. Beijing, China: Social Science Academic Press. Pp.84-107.

Works in Progress

Kim, Mason. “Institutional Varieties of Productivist Welfare Capitalism: The Case of East Asia.” Journal of Public Policy (Under review).

Kim, Mason. “Institutional Fragmentation of Social Protection in China: Patterns, Causes, and Consequences.” (Manuscript in progress).

Kim, Mason. “Electoral Systems, Party Fragmentation, and Welfare State Development in East Asia” (Manuscript in progress).


CP: Comparative Politics; Politics in the Developing World; East Asian Political Economy; Chinese Politics

IR: World Politics (regular and honors courses); International Political Economy; East Asia in World Politics

AP: American Political Institutions & Public Policy